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  • Please note that from 11 April 2021, you will be required to login to government digital services for business (G2B) using Singpass instead of Corppass for those TradeNet e-services currently using Corppass. For more information, visit
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Important Information

  1. Before you proceed with the application, please read through CrimsonLogic General Terms and Conditions (ASP Services) below till the end.
  2. If you wish to check the status of your application, you can use the Status Enquiry page for this service.
  3. This application form will take about 15 minutes to complete.
  4. Upon receipt of the approval of the declarant from Singapore Customs and bank approval of your Interbank Giro application, CrimsonLogic will process your request and call you to confirm the ID commencement.
  5. If you encounter any problems with this service, please contact us at (+65) 6887 7888, or email