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Claimants Application - Prod (V4.1)

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  • Company's Details
  • Estimated Potential Duty of Goods Transacted
  • Claimant Details
  • Declarant's particulars

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    Company Details
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    Declaration of Estimated Potential Duty of Goods Transacted
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    4 Export

    Claimant Details

  • Either NRIC or Passport + Work Permit is required per claimant.

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    I declare that the information contained in this form is true and correct and I undertake to inform Customs immediately of any change(s) to the particulars in this form. (To be declared by the Chairman / Managing Director / Director / Proprietor or a partner of the company / from. His /her name should appear in the accounting and corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) Computer Information - Busines Profile - Slip)
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    The application will take 3 working days (upon receipt of complete supporting documents) to process.

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